Vampire Diary 

Last night, I invited a very beautiful girl to go with me to a very amazing and big party. Before me, she got asked by another guy to go with him. He got bitten by me, so then I invited her.

When we arrived to the party, we danced a lot and I kissed her, and then I told her; Let’s go to a place without people, I just want to be with you alone by miself. When she heard those words, their were accepted.

We went outside, and she looked at my and I smiled, the I huged her and bite her neck. I didn’t wanted to kill her so I just transformed her to a vampire to stay with me forever.


Jeffrey Dahmer’s biography.

Criminal: Jeffrey Dahmer was a psychopath and a serial killer that during his life kill 17 mens and boys just for pleasure and fun. He was born the 21 of may of 1960 at Bath Township, Ohio, U.S.A and during his childhood he was a normal but when he enter puberty he started to be gay. When he left high school he start to work on a chocolate factory and at the age of 28 he makes his first crime.

Finally after so many crimes during his life he enter the Columbia correctional institute and he was killed by Christopher Scarver.

Crime: During all his crimes he starts convincing all his victims to take nude photographs and when he convinced them he gives them drugs and finally he kill his victims and start to eat them like a cannibal.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeff Dahmer interview


Chris: Lets start by telling me your name.

Jeff: My name is Jeff.

Chris: Don’t try to be funny, tell me your full name.

Jeff: Ok, my name is Jeffrey Dahmer.

Chris: Do you have a family?

Jeff: Yes.

Chris: Your family knows what you did?

Jeff: I can’t tell you that, I didn’t do anything.

Chris: Well, if you are trying to lie, don’t do it, you will lose anyway.

Jeff: I’m not trying to win, I’m just trying to get out because I’m innocent.

Chris: Ok, so tell me; When did you knew about your man’s sexual attraction?

Jeff: During puberty.

Chris: And does someone knew about it?

Jeff: No, I didn’t wanted to tell people, I kept it in secret.

Chris: And what happened when you entered to high school?

Jeff: I started to drink in alcohol before class, that kept my mind away from the feeling.

Chris: And what about your friends, did you had any?

Jeff: No, I didn’t liked to, I preferred to be alone.

Chris: Ok, lemme see.. There are a few questions you must answer.

Chris: What’s your favourite food?

Jeff: Meat.

Chris: And what kind of meat?

Jeff: Human’s meat…  I mean animal’s.

Chris: Well, that’s kind of a big mistake you know.. Anyways thanks for the help.

Jeff: I’m innoceent!!

Godlike report : “Demeter”


Demeter, the God of harvest, she was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea.
She was the goddess of the earth, agriculture, and fertility. She had a daughter called Persephone, which was abducted by Hades to be his wife.

Demeter was also know because she founded the Eleusinian mysteries. That are festivals that are still held by 5 years. Demeter laid a curse on the world that caused plants to wither and die, and the land to become desolate.
She got help from Zeus to get her daughter back from the underworld but Hades had a claim on her because she dated in his world.


Letter to my friend, Obama

The White House, Washington



A very long time has gone since I have talked to you, maybe its because your vacations are very amazing! I have seen a lot of pictures of you having a very good time with your family, I’m here at school with all my friends and I’m having a good time. My notes have been like always, normal grades.

If you don’t know, my grandfather is arriving to Chile next week!, and he is coming with my grandmother from France. She was so happy when she was going to travel, and also very exited. Well.. I would like to know more about you. How is your new life in USA?, do you have already a lot of friends?, well.. I know you so it won’t be difficult for you to make new ones, and also don’t forget about girls, you could look for a girlfriend.

Next month I will go to visit you and we could have a very good time together, it will be like the old times; amazing!

Hope to see you soon,

Nico Gray